What is PQA?

The Power Quality Audit (PQA), is a service offered by the PRASA’S technical support centre that checks the reliability, efficiency, and safety of an organization’s electrical system. It verifies the following aspects:

  • The continuity of the power supply: i.e., that the power in the network is available on a regular basis and is able to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment ;
  • The quality of the voltage: i.e., that there are no low or high-frequency disturbances in the network capable of damaging the system components.

The PQA uses network analyzers, instruments specially designed to detect faults and deteriorations and record parameters and information that may be of use in locating the causes of disturbances.

The data is collected and analysed by our engineers, who can then diagnose the problems and suggest the most appropriate solutions.

An infrared image that integrates accurate temperature data provides maintenance experts with crucial information about the condition of all kinds of equipment. As a non-contact measurement tool that also makes invisible heat issues visible, thermal cameras let technicians inspect production equipment more safely even at peak operation.

Along with troubleshooting, thermal imagers can also help optimize the production process itself as well as monitor quality control.



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