Implementation of India’s Largest Data Center for Supercomputers (HPC)

Implementation of India’s Largest Data Center for Supercomputers (HPC)

Prasa Implemented One of India’s Largest Data Center for SupercomputersThe Initiative

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Govt. of India, dedicated to providing world-class infrastructure for weather, climate, ocean, and seismological services to the citizens of India, decided to strengthen its supercomputing facility by procuring country’s largest supercomputing infrastructure.

Accordingly, the tender was floated for the world’s leading supercomputing manufacturers like IBM, Cray, HP, Dell, Atos, Fujitsu, etc.

Out of the prequalified bidders, CRAY Inc. won the bid to supply and implement approximately eight petaflops computer systems along with the required Data Center (DC) infrastructure for the same. The project was implemented at 2 sites viz. IITM, Pune & NCMRWF, Noida in INDIA.

Data Center Size



2500kVA (2.5MVA) x 3 Nos.

1500kVA (1.5MVA) x 1 No.


2500kVA (2.5MVA) x 3 Nos.

750kVA (0.75MVA) x 1 No.

Diesel Generators


1750kVA (1.75MVA) x 3 Nos.

1500kVA (1.5MVA) x 1 Nos.


1250kVA (1.25MVA) x 3 Nos.

750kVA (0.75MVA) x 1 No.



1250kVA (1.25MVA) x 3 Nos.


800kVA (0.8MVA) x 3 Nos.


Chillers: Site-1:

220 TR x 6 Nos.

PAC: Site-1:

10 TR x 9 Nos.


240 TR x 4 Nos.


10 TR x 9 Nos.


Chiller Plant Manager implemented for chillers to run in N+N config. with zero manual intervention


Advanced Monitoring System with LIVE reporting, Alarms, and Notification on cell phones have been incorporated.

PRASA’s Contribution to the Project

We are proud to share that out of the intense competition amongst the world’s leading data center service providers like Vertiv, Schneider, IBM, and HCL; PRASA was selected as the Data Centre Partner by Cray to build the complete turn-key DC for housing the Cray supercomputers.

Prasa’s Responsibility:

  • Removal of the old data center components
  • Design of the new data center
  • Transformer sizing and implementation
  • Diesel generator sizing and implementation
  • Electrical design, specification, and implementation
  • UPS sizing and implementation
  • Chiller plant design and implementation
  • Chiller water piping design and implementation
  • Precision Cooling solution design and implementation
  • Fire security, suppression design, and implementation
  • Chiller Plant Manager (CPM) design, automation, and implementation
  • BMS reporting and notification implementation
  • Architectural design, making of DC reception and BMS room
  • Completion of the whole project in less than 120 days
  • Facility Management Services for the period of 6 years

Timely implementation of the passive infrastructure of the data center was extremely crucial for the success of the project…. and PRASA showed the expertise and agility to handle such a complex project

Sudhakar YerneniCountry Manager - India

Standard data centers generally have an average IT load of 8 to 10kW per rack, but this data center infrastructure was to be designed for supercomputers. Cray supercomputers rack load is 77kW, which demanded an extremely precise and dense cooling design using closed loop chilled water solution. PRASA, with its illustrious experience of building more than 80 data centers, took up the task and executed it within the stipulated time. This was a challenging task as a dense data center like this was never designed before by any data center service provider in India.

Data Center – Per Rack Load 77kW

The project demanded data center to be designed for a rack load of 77kW each. With a total count of more than 30 computer racks and more than 20 storage racks, the data center design turned out to be extremely complex and dense. Especially, the cooling solution had to be precise and needed a redundancy of N + N to maintain an uptime of above 99.5%. PRASA, with the team of Certified Data Center Professionals (CDCP), ensured a precise cooling solution design comprising of 220TR chillers for the Pune site and 240TR chillers for the Noida site. We coupled with ‘Vertiv’ to build Dx type precision air conditioners for air-cooled storage racks.

The total IT load exceeding 3.5MW, also demanded a robust power supply solution with India’s first ever 1250kVA x multiple numbers modular UPS installation from Schneider Electric. In order to maintain the uptime of above 99.5%, the electrical design was defined for parallel bus redundancy in order to ensure preventive maintenances without any downtime.

Data Center With PUE of 1.27

In a tropical country like India, it is extremely difficult to reduce the energy consumption required for cooling. MoES wanted to make sure that the design of the data center should be the most energy efficient and demanded to maintain a Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) of less than 1.4.

This fundamentally demanded a very expository approach for the product selection in the process of designing and implementing the data center. PRASA, through its tight techno-commercial supply chain management, made sure that the latest technology in the world is selected and deployed at the sites.

With Swegon Blue Box’s dual air-cooled inverter chiller that has screw compressor to deliver precisely chilled water flow piping design, we made sure to achieve a PUE of 1.27 (certified by MoES) and satisfied the customer’s expectations. To further reduce the energy consumed by the chillers during summer, additional adiabatic kits have been installed.

Partnering with PRASA was a great decision…

John JosephakisVice President - WW Sales

Design to Commission in 120 Days

The complete project had a stringent timeline of completion. This involved removal of existing data center components which were to be disposed of. Also, we had to ensure that the implementation of the complete NEW setup is done in less than 120 days.

As 5 existing storage racks were to be kept live, it created a huge challenge for us to implement the new data center solution in the same premises. We isolated the 5 storage racks with its own dedicated cooling while the new data center implementation was going on besides it.

With a team of more than 150 personnel working at the site round the clock, we made sure we execute and commission the project in less than 120 days (certified by MoES).

The project started in the month of September 2017 and was successfully handed over to MoES in the month of December 2017.


Prasa Infocom and Power Solutions is one of India’s leading data center and mission critical infrastructure solutions and services providers. Having worked closely for over 24 years with a wide range of customers (from growing businesses to global enterprises, and government organizations), we have been able to procure in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements regarding varied industry verticals. To read more case studies from Prasa Infocom, click here.

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Didn’t find what you were looking for?
Connect with us here, and one of our experts will personally assist you with your requirements.
Get Free Consultancy for the Data Center Design of your Organization | Free Data Center Efficiency Analysis